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Course Audience Description
CU: FERPA Required for all university employees and faculty that have access to CU-SIS. This 45-minute covers the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) which is the federal law that governs the access and release of student education records maintained by the university. It also provides students certain rights concerning the release and access of such records. This course is required for all university employees who have access to CU-SIS systems.

HCM Course Code: u00049
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CU: Introduction to CU-SIS Campus Solutions Required for employees before they may access CU-SIS – Campus Solutions. This 45-minute course is required for anyone requesting access to CU-SIS. Learn about the integrated applications that make up CU-SIS. Learn to navigate the systems and search for information.

HCM Course Code: a00140
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CU: Student Integrated Systems Student Financials Required for all CU-SIS users who need to view basic information about the financial accounts of students This 30-minute course will introduce you to the basic procedures for viewing financial account information in CU-SIS for students. In this course, you will learn how to access the Student Services Center and use the Student Services Center to do things like view student financial account summary information and view information on specific financial transactions.

HCM Course Code: a00144
​Skillsoft Library ID: _scorm12_cu_a00144_0001

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