Congratulations on your recent hire!

To get started, your new employee will be required to meet with two System offices. On their first day, the new employee will meet with UIS to set up their workstation, active directory account and access to necessary files and programs. Next, the employee must meet with Human Resources to provide their I-9 documentation and review important items, such as the employee portal and My Leave. These meetings will take about 30 minutes each to complete.

The new employee will be registered for the System Office Benefits New Employee Orientation . This session lasts about 1.5 hours. Please fill out the form below to slate a time for these meetings. A calendar invitation with the schedule of meetings will be sent out by the System HR team. 

This is for System Administration employees only. ***Please note the change to sign-up times due to the impact of COVID-19. New hires should start on Tuesdays unless otherwise approved by HR.***

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