As a Classified Staff member, you have short-term and long-term disability insurance options.  Disability benefits are adminsitered by The Standard Insurance Company.

Short-term disability: Short-term disability is provided to eligible employees. CU will automatically enroll you, and the benefit is effective the first day of your benefits eligibility. Premiums are paid by CU, and income benefit is taxable should you file a claim.

Long-Term Disability: Your enrollment is optional, and you may apply at any time during the year. You will pay for premiums, and the income benefit is not taxable should you file a claim. Long-term disability is subject to approval by The Standard Insurance Company.

To apply for long-term disability, you must work at least 30 hours a week and be subject to Evidence of Insurability (EOI) by The Standard Insurance Company.  EOI means an applicant must:

  1. Sign and send the Medical History Statement to The Standard Insurance Company 
  2. Undergo a physical examination, if required by The Standard Insurance Company (may include blood testing)
  3. Provide any additional information about the applicant's insurability required

The Standard Insurance Company will notify you and CU if approved/denied.

Features and Considerations
Short-term disability

Long-term disability
Income Benefit Amount 60 percent of your weekly pre-disability earnings to a maximum weekly benefit of $2,310. 60 percent of pre-disability earnings, not to exceed a benefit of $10,000 per month.
Maximum Benefit Period

150 days


See Certificate for disabilities exclusions


If disabled at age: Benefits continue to age:
61 or younger 65 (3 years, 6 months if longer)
62 3 years 6 months
63 3 years
64 2 years 6 months
65 2 years
66 1 year 9 months
67 1 years 6 months
68 1 year 3 months
69 1 year

See Certificate for disability exclusions

Cost Premium paid by CU Premiums based on age and PERA vested status.
See rate sheet.
Effective Date

(subject to Active Work Provisions)*

For employees who enroll during the “initial enrollment period” (as a new hire or newly eligible employee), the effective date is immediately if your hire date/eligibility date is the first of the month. If your hire date/eligibility date is any other day of the month, your coverage will be effective the first of the following month.

For employees who enroll during CU Annual Open Enrollment, the effective date is July 1 of that plan year.     


First of the month following approval by The Standard.

Employee may apply at any time by sending the Medical History Statement to Standard Insurance Company. Standard will notify employee and CU if approved/denied.

Benefit Waiting Period  

Benefit Waiting Period is the period you must be continuously disabled before short-term disability benefits become payable.  No short-term disability benefits are payable for the Benefit Waiting Period.

The Benefit Waiting Period is 30 days from the date of disability or when sick leave is exhausted, whichever is later.


Six months from the date of disability or exhaustion of sick leave (whichever is later).

Income Benefit Taxability Benefit is taxable income. Benefit is not taxable income.
Benefit Claim Process Contact your campus Human Resources department and Employee Services within 30 days of disability Contact your campus Human Resources and Employee Services 3-4 months following disability

*Subject to "Active Work Provisions": You must be capable of Active Work on the day before the scheduled effective date of your insurance.