This Delta Dental plan grants access to providers only within the Delta Preferred Provider Option (PPO) network.  Your PPO network is available in Colorado and throughout the United States. Essential Plan members must see a PPO provider. Coverage will not be offered for providers outside of the network. Once you meet the $25 per person plan deductible, you’ll be responsible for a percentage of your covered care costs, known as coinsurance.

Features and Considerations
Plan Type PPO Provider Network
Plan-Year Benefit $2,000 per person
(Children 12 and under excluded)
$25 per person
Preventative & Diagnostic Services 0% coinsurance & no deductible
Basic Services 30% coinsurance payment
Major Services 50% coinsurance payment
Orthodontics (for children under age 19) 50% coinsurance payment
Orthodontics for adults (19 and older) Not covered