Go green with convenient, accessible forms and notices.

The University of Colorado is legally required to mail you documents such as Form 1095-C, the University of Colorado Health and Welfare Plan’s Notice of Privacy Practices and a Summary Annual Report for the University of Colorado Health and Welfare Plan and Trust, which includes the Medicare Part D Notice.

If you'd like all, or some, of these forms and notices delivered via email and stored in your employee portal, sign up for digital delivery. Medical and dental plan cards and other items will continue to be sent to you via mail.

Enroll in digital delivery

Step 1: Log into the employee portal.
Step 2: Select My Info and Pay from the drop-down menu at the top center of the page.
Step 3: Click the Digital Delivery Options tile.

Step 4: Choose from Benefits Notices Delivery or Form 1095-C Delivery.

Step 5: Read the consent language for your selection(s), then check the Consent radio button and click the Submit button. (Additional authentication will be requested before you can access the Form 1095-C Consent Form.) 

Note: When you successfully submit your Benefits Notices Consent Form, the Submit button will turn gray. When you successfully submit your Form 1095-C Consent, a message will confirm your selection.

Benefits Notices Consent Form

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Form 1095-C Consent Form

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Opt out of digital delivery

Benefits Notices

  1. Return to the Benefits Notices Consent Form.
  2. Check the Consent radio button and press Submit.
  3. Your changes have saved when the Submit button turns gray.

Form 1095-C

  1. Return to the Form 1095-C Consent.
  2. Check the radio button to withdraw your consent and press Submit.
  3. Your changes have saved when you see a new message confirming your choice.