Your benefits don't end when retirement begins. Learn more about what CU and PERA can do for you!

You’ve worked hard for the University of Colorado – and if you’re contemplating retirement, we want you to know how CU can work for you. At first glance, making these foundational plans for your upcoming retirement might feel overwhelming. Employees are urged to begin planning their transition into retirement 3-5 years before their anticipated retirement date. A crucial part of that planning includes taking steps to ensure your ongoing benefits coverage. 

If you are within 2-3 months of your retirement date, it is essential that you schedule your appointment to discuss your eligibility and options with a benefits professional. Email to schedule your appointment. 

Retirement Ready Courses

There are many things to consider, but these digital courses, in English and en Español, will break the process down into actionable steps that can make your journey into retirement as smooth as possible. 

In English

Retirement for PERA participants - click to watch course

En Español

Participantes para Jubilados de PERA DB - click to watch course


          English and Español


          English and Español


PERA also provides some health care resources for Medicare enrollees covered by a PERA plan. See the PERA website for more information.

Finally, the CU Benefits staff are ready and available to help whenever you have any additional questions or unanticipated problems.