Employee Services is dedicated to making the University of Colorado a better place to work.

The department delivers services designed to meet the university’s needs by delivering quality benefits coverage and retirement plans, accurate and timely payroll and taxation, leadership development and learning opportunities, human resources guidance and best practices. We strive to make CU’s workforce strong, healthy and financially secure.

Employee Services accomplishes this by developing productive relationships and collaborating with the campus community and external partners to advance the university’s mission.

The department leverages its expertise to provide the university community with a satisfying, comprehensive experience – promoting understanding and use of our services through educational outreach, excellent customer service and user-friendly technology.

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Staff members

Associate Vice President's Office

Felicity O’Herron, Chief Human Resources Officer and Associate Vice President 

Michelle Martinez, Director, Strategic Benefits Initiatives 

Benefits Administration

Sharon Bishop, Assistant Vice President, Benefits and Payroll

Satpal Khalsa, Manager, Benefits

Kelli Elmblade

Megan Drysdale

Deric Green

Anne Marcovecchio

Teresa Meier

Jenny Rattana

Katie Holloman

Nora Krajah

Deborah Lowe

Andrew Martinez

Nate Dietrich

Wilson Vargas

Martia Veith

Kim McGregor

Heather Savino

Ashleigh Prout


Peter Bowers, Manager, Retirement 

Thomas Martinez

Business Operations

Carolyn Proctor, Assistant Vice President of Employee Services

Erica Fukuhara, Manager, Business Operations and Strategy

Tricia Strating

Jen Bosma

Joyce Gamboa 

Adriana Moreno

Erika Nelson

Kimberly Wendelin

Jacqueline Bannister

Ryan Snyder

Stacy Gomez

Makaio Fraizer

Data management

Stephanie Sheldon, Team Manager, Data Analysis

Tristan Bender

Scott Frey

Kyle Gibson

Betsy Maguire


RyAnne Scott, Assistant Director, Communications

Sara Hart

Kayle Lingo

Sarah Settle

Kylee Downes

Kelsi Hartman

Sambridhi Pandey

Human Resources

Tracy Hooker, Director

Ashley Eschler, Manager

James Alexander

Ashley Frakes

Lexi Klymkow

Beth Oelke

Learning and Development

Janet Lowe, Director

Roberta Calderaro

Annie Melzer

Kay Miller

Laura Siedzick

David Sprouse

Shannon Sunderland

Mary Williams

Angie Young

Brittney Sandoval


Sharon Bishop, Assistant Vice President, Benefits and Payroll

Diane Wiederspahn, Manager, Payroll

Shelly Brown

Carolyn Donadio

Karen Dreiling

Diana Feagins

Jean Howe

Melissa Kent

Catherine McCoy

Jim Carrington

Bryan Hartle

Rachelle Beauplan

Christina Honne

Justin Loiselle

Ryan Foley

Daniela Canizalez

Artan Mustafai

Sarah Koslowski

International Tax

Kendra Zafiratos, Manager, International Tax

Alicia Dandeneau

William Armstrong