Forms W-8: FAQ and Guidelines


The university requires that nonresident individuals and entities submit a valid and complete W-8 for the approval of payments issued through Accounts Payable (AP) and the CU Marketplace.

Forms W-8: 

The W-8 form series includes a number of different forms for use by different entity types. Details about each version of the W-8, as well as frequently asked questions about the purpose of the W-8, can be found in the International Tax FAQ: W-8 Forms for Non-U.S. Individuals & Entities document, below.  Non-U.S. entities can use this FAQ to help determine which W-8 form version is appropriate to their organization.

Form W-8BEN:

Nonresident individuals receiving payment through Accounts Payable or the CU Marketplace should complete Form W-8BEN.  Other Form W-8 revisions do not apply to individuals.  Line-by-line guidance is provided in the Guidelines for Form W-8BEN document below to assist nonresidents in correctly completing the form.

Last updated: 10/2023