Add or Cancel Additional Colorado Tax Withholding Form


Your W-4 determines the amount of tax withheld on your paychecks. To access and change your W-4 on the employee portal select the link, your campus and enter your user name and password.  Single and 0 will withhold the most tax.  If you wish to withhold an amount in addition to your W-4 selection of marital status and allowances, please see below.

Federal Tax 

Additional federal withholding can be added on the W-4 on the employee portal. Enter a whole dollar amount in the additional amount field and submit.

Colorado Tax

If your mailing address in our system is a Colorado address, your W-4 will affect your state withholding as well as your federal.  If your mailing address is a state other than Colorado, please refer to our state W-4 forms.

If you wish to affect your Colorado tax withholding in addition to the W-4 selection on the employee portal, use the form below to request, edit or cancel additional Colorado taxes.  Please contact Employee Services with any questions.

Last updated: 2019

Download this form below