Tax status and completion of tax forms

International employees must comply with the U.S. Tax Code. To ensure compliance, you must make an appointment with the appropriate campus international tax specialist to complete the proper tax forms and establish correct tax status. Please make your appointment as close to your employment start date as possible.  At times, it may be two to four weeks before an international tax specialist can meet with you due to busy academic and tax year schedules.  There is generally no negative ramification to a delay in meeting with our office.

If you’ve reached your 31st day of employment with the university and have applied for but not yet been issued a Social Security number, please have your department payroll representative contact the International Tax Office.

Use this page to find monthly and biweekly paydays.

Note: Each campus and department has its own specific deadlines for updating individual payroll records, and for collecting timesheets and leave records from employees. Please refer to your department's payroll liaison (aka, HCM Community member) for more information.

2018 Monthly Paydays
Month Pay Date
January Wednesday, Jan. 31
February Wednesday, Feb. 28
March Friday, March 30
April Monday, April 30
May Thursday, May 31
June Friday, June 29
July Tuesday, July 31
August Friday, Aug. 31
September Friday, Sept. 28
October Wednesday, Oct. 31
November Friday, Nov. 30
December TBD

2018 Biweekly Paydays
Month Pay Date
January Friday, Jan. 12
January Friday, Jan. 26
February Friday, Feb. 9
February Friday, Feb. 23
March Friday, March 9
March Friday, March 23
April Friday, April 6
April Friday, April 20
May Friday, May 4
May Friday, May 18
June Friday, June 1
June Friday, June 15
June Friday, Jun 29
July Friday, July 13
July Friday, July 27
August Friday, Aug. 10
August Friday, Aug. 24
September Friday, Sept. 7
September Friday, Sept. 21
October Friday, Oct. 5
October Friday, Oct. 19
November Friday, Nov. 2
November Friday, Nov. 16
November Friday, Nov. 30
December Friday, Dec. 14
December Friday, Dec. 28



2017 Monthly Paydays
Month Pay Date
January Tuesday, Jan. 31
February Tuesday, Feb. 28
March Friday, March 31
April Friday, April 28
May Wednesday, May 31
June Monday, July 3
July Monday, July 31
August Thursday, Aug. 31
September Friday, Sept. 29
October Tuesday, Oct. 31
November Thursday, Nov. 30
December Friday, Dec. 29

2017 Biweekly Paydays
Month Pay Date
January Friday, Jan. 13
January Friday, Jan. 27
February Friday, Feb. 10
February Friday, Feb. 24
March Friday, March 10
March Friday, March 24
April Friday, April 7
April Friday, April 21
May Friday, May 5
May Friday, May 19
June Friday, June 2
June Friday, June 16
June Friday, June 30
July Friday, July 14
July Friday, July 28
August Friday, Aug. 11
August Friday, Aug. 25
September Friday, Sept. 8
September Friday, Sept. 22
October Friday, Oct. 6
October Friday, Oct. 20
November Friday, Nov. 3
November Friday, Nov. 17
December Friday, Dec. 1
December Friday, Dec. 15
December Friday, Dec. 29



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