For employees who have concerns about their wage rate as it relates to the Colorado Equal Pay Act, there are a series of steps you can take to get more information and seek a review of your compensation. Below outlines our typical Pay Equity Review process.

Please note: Market evaluation and other compensation requests should not be submitted through this form, but instead discussed with your supervisor.

Review steps

  1. Employee should discuss pay or job description questions and concerns with their supervisor.
  2. Should the issue be unresolved, the employee may fill out a Pay Equity Review Request Form that will be sent to Human Resources.
    a. Access the Pay Equity Review form by logging into the employee portal, selecting Forms from the top center menu, selcting Collaborative HR Services and clicking Pay Equity Review Form
  3. Human Resources receives this request and determines the amount of time it will take to research the issue and responds to the employee and includes manager.
  4. Human Resources will review the form, job description and work performed by employee during this review.
  5. Determination is made by Human Resources and shared with employee and manager to determine next steps.

All employees have the right to discuss or disclose their wage rate with other employees and no employee shall be subject to discipline, retaliation, or other adverse action because that employee inquired about, disclosed, compared, or otherwise discussed the employee’s compensation.

Employees who believe they have been unlawfully discriminated against with their compensation or have experienced or witnessed a violation of this policy shall promptly report the matter to the Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance (OIEC). This includes supervisors and other responsible employees required to report under campus policy. The employee may also file a complaint with the state and information about that is located on the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment website.