HireVue questions can be video, written or a mixture. Below are a few sample questions:

  1. What makes this position a good fit for you at this point in your career?
  2. Tell us how your experience and training have prepared you for this position.
  3. What circumstances led you to apply for this position?
  4. Give us your understanding of our organization
  5. What would you miss most/least about your current job?
  6. What are three key strengths that you possess?
  7. Tell us about your experience managing a project start to finish and the outcome.
  8. Tell us about a time when you had to balance multiple priorities. Please give an example that demonstrated how you navigated completing work priorities to attain the best result.
  9. Describe a work scenario in which you were faced with competing priorities. How did you juggle them all and still meet everyone’s expectations
  10. Describe a high-pressure situation (either within a work setting, or beyond) that you were put in unexpectedly. How did you adjust and still create a successful outcome?
  11. Tell us about a time you were most creative.
  12. What do you enjoy about working in customer service? What do you dislike or find challenging?
  13. Tell us about a situation when you were unable to help a customer with their problem – what was the issue and how did you handle it?
  14. What tools or habits do you use to keep organized?
  15. Explain your approach to completing multiple assignments in a work day.
  16. Tell us about a mistake you’ve made on the job and what you learned from it.
  17. How do you manage your stress?
  18. Describe a time when you’ve worked on a team project. What was the outcome?
  19. Tell us about your ideal work environment or organizational culture.
  20. Tell me about your ideal work environment? (Feel free to include aspects such as relationship with supervisor, style, culture, pace, degree of independence/collaboration, etc.
  21. In this role, you will have access to confidential information. Tell us about a work role or situation in which you’ve had to practice a high level of discretion, diplomacy, or tact.
  22. The salary range for this position is $XX,XXX to $XX,XXX. If hired, would this be acceptable to you?
  23. Describe a project where you had to collaborate with individuals on your own team and with those outside your department and how you interacted with and balanced the interests of the different individuals to complete the project.
  24. Tell us about the toughest negotiation you’ve been a part of. What was your role in that negotiation?       
  25. Your skills and experience may be reasonable fit for the needs of this job. That is also true of numerous other candidates. What else can you tell us about yourself—work related or not—that might put your candidacy over the top, if we are talking to other candidates with similar skillsets?