e-Offer is a tool that allows HR to prepare and send an offer letter within CU Careers.

The information on this page applies to CU System employees only.

Please consult the appropriate HR website for your campus:


This convenient, easy-to-use application guides users through each step of the solicitation and modification process. Information automatically transfers to the Candidate History tab in CU Careers, where you can access the letter at any time. 

  Look for this checkmark to identify department tasks.



  1. Once the department has selected a final candidate and a verbal offer has been given, HR initiates the background check. While the background check is in progress, HR prepares the candidate's e-Offer.

  2. Once the e-Offer is created, HR sends the offer to the hiring manager—along with any other requested department staff—for approval.

  3.  The approvers receive an email with a link to the offer letter. They can accept or decline and leave comments. Accepting the offer is a digital acceptance of the letter and no physical signature will be needed.

  4. HR receives an email once all reviewers have approved/declined the offer letter.

  5. If the offer is approved, HR extends the offer to the candidate. If the offer is not approved, HR repeats the steps above to create a new letter.
  1. When HR extends the e-Offer, the candidate receives an email notification stating they have received a formal letter of offer.

  2. The candidate logs into CU Careers to view the e-Offer.

  3. The system captures the candidate’s response, IP address, date, time and any comments.
  1.  The HR consultant and hiring manager receive an email notification once the candidate responds to the e-Offer.

  2. To review the e-Offer and comments in CU Careers, the hiring manger navigates to the candidate’s profile and clicks the History tab, which records the date and time the e-offer was either accepted or declined.

  3. If the e-offer was accepted, the hiring manager clicks Signed Offer Letter Accepted under Details to view and print the signed offer.

  4. The e-Offer is stored in CU Careers for easy access.