Welcoming a new employee to your team is exciting.

After an employee accepts your offer, many items need to be arranged by System Human Resources and UIS to ensure the new employee’s first experience is positive and they start off their career at System Administration right. 

This page outlines the new employee onboarding process and the stakeholders responsible for each item.

This outlines a manager’s responsibilities for a new or transfer employee. Some departments have a liaison perform some of these duties. It is important to work with your department to understand their process when requesting equipment and preparing the workspace. 

Tips for onboarding remotely.

During Recruitment:

  • Email help@cu.edu to request equipment needed for the employee. Items you may want to request: computer, monitor, docking station (if laptop), keyboard, mouse and phone. This can be done as soon as you know you will be recruiting for the position. Please work with your department liaison before submitting a request.

After the offer is accepted:

  • Email help@cu.edu to complete the request of any additional equipment needed for the employee's first day.

Pre-Employment after HR assigns an employee ID:

  • Prepare workspace or work with UIS to determine in-person equipment pick up or if equipment will be shipped.
  • Request access to systems the employee will need that don't require training.
  • Schedule a time for the new employee to meet with HR and UIS. Times are listed below. Note: Meetings may not go the full 30 minutes with HR and UIS. These times have been temporarily modified due to the pandemic. Currenty, we are asking for all new hires to start on a Tuesday.  Appointments to pick up equipment will be in person at 1800 Grant street, unless otherwise worked out for full time remote employees. The session with HR will be full remote. 
    • 10:00 a.m. Service Desk, 1:00 p.m. HR (remote session)
    • 10:30 am.  Service Desk, 1:30 p.m. HR(remote session)
    • 11:00 a.m. Service Desk, 2:00 p.m. HR(remote session)
  • New employees will also be signed up for the Benefit's new employee orientation.
  • Create a agenda for the employee's first day.

Employee's first day:

  • Walk the employee to their HR meeting at the designated time.
  • Walk the employee to their Service Desk meeting at the designated time.

 After the employee's first week:

  • Check in with the employee:
    • Discuss any training required to gain access to job-related systems.
    • Identify additional equipment or resources they may need (i.e. standing desk, additional monitor, etc.)
    • Receive feedback on the onboarding process and their first week.
    • Review the 1800 Grant Resource Guide and emergency procedures.
    • Ensure correct My Leave preferences have been set based on campus location. (This only applies to departments with locations on other campuses.)

Within the employee's first month:

  • Ensure employee has access to all job-related systems.
  • Ensure employee obtains ID and ECO pass.
  • Review expectations of job.
  • Set goals and review performance evaluation process.

This outlines the responsibilities of Human Resources and Services Desk when onboarding the new employee.


  1. HR enters all new hire information into HCM.
  2. HR sends an onboarding "Welcome email" to the new employee. The email includes basic new hire information, their employee ID number and a parking form. If the new employee submits the parking form before their first day, they will be able to park in the garage upon obtaining their badge.
  3. UIS sets up active directory and notifies HR when this is complete.
  4. HR sends a confirmation email to the manager/department liaison prompting them to sign up the new employee for a meeting time with HR and UIS. Employee Services is CC'd on this email for badge access to be obtained for new employee.
  5. Upon receiving the signup email, HR creates a calendar invite. HR will forward the invite to the department liaison/manager and help@cu.edu.

Employee's First Day:

  1. HR meets with new employee during designated time and completes the following tasks:
    • Collect I-9 documentation and emergency contact list.
    • Review My Leave and set preferences.
    • Review the CU Portal and the training section for required trainings.
    • Provide 1800 Grant Resource Guide.
  2. Service Desk meets with new employee to set up workstation and ensure their computer is set up properly.
    • Take a picture for the email contact list.
  3. After the meeting, HR emails the new employee an onboarding brochure that provides information on My Leave, nearby restaurants, training items to complete and other helpful information.