Need to provide proof that you're a University of Colorado employee, or are you requesting documentation of an employee’s status? Use The Work Number from Equifax online verification tool.

The Work Number® database is a simple, secure and a discreet way to help get proof of your employment and income information to companies when needed. It’s always on and available 24/7 so that you can get the approvals you need when you need them.

The employee has to give permission for a verifier to get your income information from The Work Number database. This is called Consumer Consent, and it’s usually part of an application you complete, for a job, for a lease, or for credit.

Employer Codes:

UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO – Employee code: 20579

UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO – Student Employee code: 20592

For Employees: Employment Data Report

This report provides your current and historical employment and income information on The Work Number database, as well as a list of all verifiers who have requested your information in the previous two years. Because The Work Number database complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, The employment data report is available for free.

1. Start by going to The Work Number from Equifax website.
2. Click on Solutions.
3. Click on Employment Data Report.

For verifiers

1. Start by going to The Work Number from Equifax website.
2. Select "Log In" and follow the simple prompts.
3. Enter the Employer code from above.
4. If this is your first time, pick "Register Now."
5. If a returning user, enter your username and password you set up.
6. The screens prompts will walk you through all the steps to help verify your identity and keep your account private while offering helpful messages if you have a problem.

 See the step-by-step guide for addtional detailed instructions in English or Spanish.

The Work Number Employee Service Center 800-367-2884
CU Boulder 303-492-3835
UCCS 719-255-3372
CU Denver and CU Anschutz 303-315-2700
CU System 303-860-4200