Learn how to update or create a new position at System Administration.

The information on this page applies to CU System employees only.

Please consult the appropriate HR website for your campus:



University Staff positions must meet Colorado statutory guidelines for exemption from the state personnel system. A current list of approved job codes/titles for University Staff positions are available from the job code table.

 Look for the checkmark to identify department tasks.



Creating or Updating a University Staff Position

This section outlines the process and who is responsible for key steps. Please follow applicable step-by-step guides, located on the HCM Community site.

  1. The hiring authority discusses the proposed position update or vacancy with the appropriate officer and the Office of Budget and Finance to ensure sufficient funding is available within department. This step must occur before any forms are submitted to HR.

  2. Department has preliminary discussions with HR regarding the duties of the position, position type, potential job title, appropriate salary range and search process considerations.

  3. Department completes the Job Change Request Form and obtains formal approval and signatures from the department's Vice President and the budget office. Only the form’s first page needs to be routed for approval unless otherwise determined by the department.

  4. The department sends Word versions of the position and form to systemhr@cu.edu. Budget will send the signed first page.

  5. HR reviews the position description and advises the department of any edits, the approved statutory exemption criteria, position title, market salary analysis (if requested) and approved salary range, background check requirements and overtime eligibility status.

  6. HR modifies an existing position or creates a new position in HCM by populating the position and non-person profile or modifies existing position based on information provided on the position portion of the Budget and Position Form.

  7. HR approves the position and sends the posting information to CU Careers for recruitment, if applicable.
    • New University Staff positions and modifications are subject to approval by the President through the monthly position exemption and delegation reports.
    • Official records of the approved position description are maintained by HR.


To start the search process, the hiring department must have an approved, funded position that is vacant (or soon to be vacant). Following the steps below, the department must ensure that budget has been allocated, the position description is up-to-date and that all required approvals have been received before recruiting.

  1. HR validates and edits job posting information in CU Careers.

  2. Once posted, HR sends job posting link to department for review and makes changes upon request of the department. HR sends the posting to Higher Ed Jobs and Inside Higher Ed

  3. HR will complete the initial review for minimum qualifications and forward relevant applications to the hiring department/search committee. Otherwise, the department reviews applicants independently.

  4. Departments/search committees consult HR during the review and interview processes to ensure equal employment and affirmative action guidelines are followed. HR will set up HireVue for interviews, collecting and providing results upon request. For more information about this process, click here, select the "Candidate Management" tab and review the "Interview" and "Reference Checking" sections.

  5. Via email, the hiring department notifies HR which candidates have been selected to move forward and those who have not. HR dispositions candidates through and out of the hiring process. Then, HR sends appropriate correspondence to candidates who were not selected.

  6. Hiring Department notifies HR which candidate will complete a reference check either by SkillSurvey or phone. HR starts SkillSurvey, if applicable, and provides results to hiring manager.

  7. Hiring manager consults HR regarding possible salary for verbal offer and discusses potential start date. Start date should be at least 2 weeks from the offer acceptance to ensure time for processing and background checks. 

  8. Hiring manager makes verbal offer to candidate and notifies HR of verbal acceptance.

  9. HR performs background checks and reports the results to the hiring department.

  10. HR will prepare and extend the offer letter after the details are finalizeds (ie. start, salary, additional compensation).