University Staff in select System Administration departments are using the Cornerstone performance management system.


  • Employee Services
  • CU Health Plan (Trust)
  • IT Security
  • Procurement Service Center (PSC)
  • University Information Services (UIS)


  Why Cornerstone for performance management?

Cornerstone will better support our efforts to improve talent management. Establishing individual employee goals and aligning them with department goals not only enhances performance, but builds collaborative relationships between employees, teams and their supervisors focused on using dialogue and feedback as developmental tools. All goals, updates and comments will be gathered into the end-of-year final evaluation.

Performance Cycle Timeline

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  • Move away from a manual paper process.
  • Facilitate more frequent and meaningful conversations between employees and supervisors about goal alignment, performance and employee development.
  • Ensure performance ratings are based on a defined performance plan with goals. 
  • Align individual goals with existing departments goals.
  • Provide single sign-on through the employee portal, which allows users to access the system at any time to create and update goals and tasks, and record goal completion. 


Learning Guides

Microlearning Guides

Cornerstone Trainings & Guide


Cornerstone is new to System Administration. That's why we would like you share your experiences with the tool. We will use your feedback to ensure Cornerstone is meeting the users' needs. Please share your feedback.