Please submit your final timesheet prior to your departure.

  After the effective date of your separation, you will lose access to the employee portal. If you wish to access a final pay stub, verification of employment or your W-2, please contact Employee Services at  

When will I receive my last paycheck?

You must notify your supervisor and/or payroll liaison, so they can submit information for your final pay, including any worked hours, overtime, vacation payout and any additional payments owed to you. 

Although most final paychecks are paid on the regular pay date, please check with your supervisor/department.  

If you are an international employee with direct deposit, it is recommended you keep your U.S. bank account open until all final pay has been issued and deposited.

How do I get my W-2, 1042-S and 1095-C?

Ensure your address is up to date to receive your W-2 and/or 1042-S form to file for taxes. If you change your address after leaving, use this Address Change Form.