The information on this page applies to CU System employees only.

Please consult the appropriate HR website for your campus:


CU's Alternate Work Arrangement policy allows employees to work off site and adapt their schedule if their managers and department heads permit them to do so, and if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The employee's job duties can be completed off site.
  2. The employee has the appropriate tools (e.g., telephone, Internet, laptop/desktop computer) to complete his/her job off site.
  3. The employee is capable of working independently and productively.

To understand guidelines for alternate work arrangements see our guideline document: Alternate Work Arrangements

Other considerations

  • If there was an emergency, would a work-from-home arrangement suffice?
  • Does the employee have clearly defined tasks and expectations?
  • Does the employee's job require:
    • face-to-face interaction?
    • minimal supervision? 
    • extensive use of computers and/or telephones?

Please note: Supervisors have the right to deny or relinquish work-from-home or flexible schedule privileges at any time.


If you're approved to work from home for any amount of time, your supervisor will work with you to establish your schedule. You'll be required to document your work hours and record the proper leave designation in My Leave (or an alternate system, if necessary) for any time off. If you're eligible for overtime, your supervisor must authorize those extra hours before you work them. You CANNOT use work-from-home hours to care for a child/adult. 

Required documentation

Complete the Flexible Work Arrangement form and submit it to your supervisor and appointing authority (department head) before you begin your arrangement.* The university reviews these forms and uses them to report how much of its workforce completes off-site work. This form describes:

  • off-site work accomplished
  • measurable, results-oriented performance requirements
  • work schedule
  • employee's phone number
  • record of what, if any, university equipment is used at home 
  • supervisor approval

Work necessities

In general, you’re responsible for providing the equipment and tools necessary to do your job at home (e.g., Internet connection, telephone, supplies, etc.), including the operating costs and home maintenance. However, CU will provide necessary equipment if doing so is in its best interest. All university equipment can be used only for job-related tasks and must be returned once it’s no longer being used for that purpose. Contact your supervisor immediately  about equipment failure or malfunction.

Protecting you and CU

To ensure your safety, and to protect the university from liability, please note the following:

  • All CU information security and records management retention policies apply to employees who work from home.
  • Employees who work from home are still bound by federal, State of Colorado and University of Colorado Regent laws, policies and procedures.
  • CU is not liable for injuries or damages that occur at the off-site work location.
  • If an employee who works from home is injured while performing university business, he/she is covered by Worker's Compensation. The employee must report those injuries to his/her supervisor immediately and follow appropriate procedures.
  • Classified staff members can review the State of Colorado's guide "Maximizing Efficiency by Working Smarter" to learn about the pros and cons of working from home.