Employee Services FAQ

Can I change a contract type in the middle of a contract year (9-pay-9 to a 9-pay-12, or vice versa)?

In most cases, you cannot change a contract type in the middle of a contract year. However, some instances noted within the Faculty Election Form may qualify as emergencies, and thus, exceptions. Also, we will review instances in which an error occurs on a case-by-case basis to resolve the issue. 

Forms are due to the departments by June 30 each year. If a new faculty member is hired after June 30, he/she will have 30 days from the date of hire to make an election. The default is to pay at 9-pay-9.

IMPORTANT - Timing restriction for your election: A faculty member's election to be paid salary over nine months or 12 months must be made before the start of the academic year to which it applies. Once the academic year has begun, the election is irrevocable for that year. It will remain in effect for the entire academic year, and may only be changed at the beginning of each new academic year.

The university cannot allow any changes between 9-pay-9 and 9-pay-12 contract types once the contract period has begun, as doing so would violate IRS regulations around deferred compensation.

Learn more about contracts.

We moved our department to another location. What should we do to update it in the HRMS?

Employee Services payroll staff must help departments change their descriptions, such as campus box numbers or default location code changes on the department table. 

You must provide the department number, new location code and/or new campus box number. Once the new location has been created, follow this step-by-step guide to update all the positions needing to be changed.

How do I increase the total contract pay to an academic-year faculty, 9-pay-12 contract?

Just add a new row with the effective date in Job Data, and increase the contract pay amount in Pay Components on the Compensation Panel. 

Hit the "Calculate Compensation" button in yellow, then save the information. The contract will adjust for the rest of the timeframe. 

It's best to do this before the May pay cycle, so the ENP portions can adjust. 

You may also review a guide to compensation changes to contracts.

I processed a handdrawn request for this employee, and now his accruals are not working.

Vacation and sick accruals do not process when a handdrawn request is processed. The personnel payroll liaison must make this correction in Time Collection by using the following earnings codes. These codes are used for both hourly and salaried positions.

  • SCA - Sick Hours Balance Adjustment: Used to adjust sick leave accrual hours balance. Enter positive or negative number as appropriate.
  • VAA - Vacation Hours Balance Adjustment: Used to adjust vacation leave accrual hours balance. Enter positive or negative number as appropriate. 

What are the phone numbers to the campus human resources offices, and where are they located?

Contact any of the University of Colorado's human resources offices:

Can you verify a person's employment?

The first place to call when verifying someone's employment:

  • Employer's Unity: 720-484-4896

Employment verification by campus

  • CU-Boulder: 303-492-3835
  • CU Colorado Springs: 719-255-3372
  • CU Denver and CU Anschutz: 303-315-2700
  • CU System Administration: 303-860-5664

How do I contact CU's student employment offices?

Use these campus-specific resources:

Where can I find the payroll calendar?

Find all payroll deadlines through the Employee Services payroll calendar.

Although multiple months are published at once, some dates may change. Always regularly check for updated information. You will also find important dates and events listed on the Employee Services homepage

What is the required training for new users for HRMS access?

To gain access to the Human Resources Management System, you must complete training, based on what kind of tasks your role requires you to complete.

I have trainees who are coming for the summer and I need to set up a POI for them that will give them access to all their required training.

The POI type "Security Access (00015)" requires a Social Security number, which is not required for all others. However, campus offices such as IT may require Social Security numbers for other POI types.

Additional information on setting up a POI can be found in our Step-by-Step Guide.

How do I create a POI?

You can find assistance with creating and adding relationship for POIs in our Step-by-Step guides.

Where can I find the Step by Step Guides?

Use the Employees Services Step-By-Step guides to help with the Human Resources Management System and My.Leave.

When does a student qualify for Student Retirement? How does Student Retirement work and why is student Retirement being deducted from my check?

Students who are hired by the University of Colorado may be subject to enrollment in the university's Student Employee Retirement Plan (SERP) if they do not meet the conditions of exemption for participation in a retirement plan. House Bill 93-1328 (Colorado statute) provides a SERP as an alternative to social security tax. Please contact your student employment office for specific details on the minimum amount of credits needed to not pay SERP/ Medicare Tax.





Credit Requirement Details


Undergraduate Students:

• Academic Year: Students enrolled in less than six credits for the academic year

• Summer: Students enrolled in less than six credits for the summer (total credit hours of all summer terms).

• Student employees whose normal work schedules are 40 or more hours per week (across all jobs at the university) will be subject to student retirement, regardless of the number of credits in which they are enrolled.


Graduate Students:

• Academic Year: Students enrolled in less than three academic credit hours

• Summer: Students enrolled in less than three credits for the summer (total credit hours of all summer terms).

• Student employees whose normal work schedules are 40 or more hours per week (across all jobs at the university) will be subject to student retirement, regardless of the number of credits in which they are enrolled.



What about non-resident alien student workers?

Non-resident student workers must contact an Employee Services international tax specialist at 303-735-5534 for retirement plan assistance.


Please contact your campus Student Employment office for additional details on credit hour requirements.


       Boulder - http://www.colorado.edu/studentemployment/


Colorado Springs - http://www.uccs.edu/~stuemp/


Denver/ Anschutz Learning Resources Center (LRC) http://www.ucdenver.edu/life/services/LRC/Pages/StudentEmployment.aspx


What are the SkillSoft KnowledgeCenters?

The SkillSoft KnowledgeCenters offer a broad range of complementary resources and featured topic spotlights that are refreshed regularly. These include:

  • Business Exploration Series
  • Java KnowledgeCenter
  • Management KnowledgeCenter
  • Oracle KnowledgeCenter

How do I search for information on a certain topic in SkillSoft?

  1. Type a term or phrase in the SkillSoft Search for box at the top of the page.
  2. Select a category from the drop-down list (optional).
  3. Click Search.

Note: It is better to keep search categories broad. View the Search and Learn Guide (PDF).

What is Books24x7®?

Books24x7® provides access to thousands of digitized books, summaries, research reports and best practices. View an overview of Books24x7.

How do I withdraw from an instructor-led training session in which I already enrolled?


  1. Log on to SkillSoft.
  2. Click CU Instructor Led Training.
  3. Select the appropriate sub-folder to view a list of classes.
  4. Highlight the course title and click [Show Details].
  5. Expand Sessions (n) for a list of scheduled sessions.
  6. Hover over the session you are enrolled in and click [Withdraw]. The system sends you a confirmation of your withdrawal.

View the ILT User Guide (PDF).

How do I enroll in a class session?

After finding the class you want to enroll in:

  1. Highlight the course title and click [Show Details].
  2. Expand Sessions(n) for a list of scheduled sessions. If n=0, there are no sesssions scheduled.
  3. Hover over a session and click [Enroll]. The system sends you an Outlook invitation to accept into your calendar.

View the ILT User Guide (PDF).

Where can I find instructor-led training (ILT) courses?

  1. Log on to SkillSoft.
  2. Select CU Instructor Led Training.
  3. Select the appropriate sub-folder to view a list of classes.

View the ILT User Guide (PDF).

How do I view or print a certificate of completion for a course I completed in SkillSoft?

To access a certificate:

  1. Log on to SkillSoft.
  2. Click MY PROGRESS.
  3. Click the Completed tab.
  4. Click the View Certificate icon from the Actions column. A PDF of your certificate appears in a separate window.
  5. If you would like to print a copy of your certificate, click Print from the File menu.

View the step-by-step guide.

Where can I find my record of training completions?

There are two ways to view your training record:

  • SkillSoft keeps a real-time record. View your record in SkillSoft:
    1. Go to MY PROGRESS. There are two tabs: In Progress and Completed.
    2. Choose a date range for a list of courses.
  • Access your training record from the portal by clicking Training Summary.

               NOTE: It may take up to two business days for a course completion to appear in your training summary.

Is there a training catalog outside SkillSoft?

Yes. View the catalog on the Employee Learning and Development website.

How do I take required training on SkillSoft?

  1. Log on to your campus portal.
  2. Click on the CU Resources tab. (Skip this step if you are using the system portal.)
  3. Select Training.
  4. Select Start SkillSoft. (SkillSoft will open in a separate window.)
  5. Select your campus folder.
  6. Select the specific folder you need, organized by topic.
  7. Select the title of the course and click [Launch].

When does SkillSoft maintenance occur?

Weekly maintenance:

  • 11 p.m. Tuesday - 1 a.m. Wednesday (Mountain Standard Time)
  • 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sunday (Mountain Standard Time)

Unscheduled maintenance:

  • You will see a message posted on the myCU Portal reading, "SkillSoft is temporarily unavailable. The site is currently down for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try to access the system again later today."