Made an error? Fix it with new off-cycle pay process

Business Partners are now able to pay underpaid employees through the time collection process on a weekly basis.

Employee Services is instituting this new off-cycle pay process to eliminate the hundreds of corrections it’s forced to make outside the normal payroll cycle. Since implementing its special off-cycle pay process in January, Employee Services has measured a 25 percent decrease, year over year, in the number of errant payroll requests (aka, hand-drawn requests).

The new off-cycle pay process will all but eliminate the use of hand-drawn requests, which will only be needed for involuntary terminations, overpayments, settlements and other rare circumstances.

Off-cycle pay should be used sparingly; paying your employees during the regular monthly and biweekly pay periods should be your first priority. Employee Services will monitor its progress and work with you more closely Yo ensure the new off-cycle pay process is successful.

For information on overpayment errors, please click here:  Overpayment Information

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