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Wondering what to do if your trip is cancelled and you have already purchased airfare?

Cancelling a flight with CBT or directly in Concur will not remove the associated airfare charges from your Concur profile. Regardless of the reason a trip is cancelled, airfare charges need to be reconciled at the time of the cancellation in order for the charge(s) to be allocated to the appropriate department SpeedType.

To reconcile airfare charges for a cancelled trip:

  • Create a Travel Reconciliation expense report and enter the date of the cancellation as the travel dates in the report header.
  • Be sure to include both the airfare and applicable agent fees in the report. 
  • Add a comment to the expense report explaining when and why the trip was cancelled and acknowledge the unused airfare credits are now available be applied to a future business trip.
  • Submit the report in Concur which will move the airfare charge to your allocated SpeedType for use at a future date.*

Additional guidance on how to import airfare to an expense report is available at

*Please check with your campus Controller’s office as to whether you should use an alternate SpeedType for airfare purchases originally made using sponsored project funds. 

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