Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 ends at midnight on June 30, 2022. Follow these deadlines and instructions to ensure that your FY 2022 expenses are appropriately recorded in FY 2022. Send us your documentation now - no need to wait till the deadlines.
To keep you apprised of product availability and price pressures, the PSC is providing the following information to guide your demand planning. The conflict in Ukraine presents additional strain on the world’s supply chain challenges that may impact your purchasing ability.
Fiscal Year End 2022 Purchasing Dates
Please join the Procurement Service Center (PSC) for a town hall where we will provide updates on the state of CU procurement. Agenda items include FYE deadlines, IT Procurement updates, travel program information, an Amazon update, and an introduction to the new PSC service desk. The town hall will be 100% virtual and there will be time at the end for questions. A recording will be available after the town halls are done.  We look forward to seeing you there!