When ordering Lab Equipment, Supplies, and Glassware, the Fisher Scientific punchout catalog on CU Marketplace offers competitive pricing, lower shipping costs, quick delivery, and direct account representation with Fisher Scientific Outside Representatives.
Working with our strategic partners, the University of Colorado is capitalizing on an opportunity to purchase Apple hardware, software, and services through our existing CDW-G punchout catalog. This partnership with CDW-G, Apple’s largest higher education reseller in the US, will allow CU to maximize potential discounts for all goods and services purchased. Any products sold by Apple will be available through CDW-G with improved pricing.
Because of the recently announced July 3, 2023 holiday granted to CU employees, the PSC has updated the impacted dates in the fiscal year end calendar. With the campuses and System Administration closing on Monday, July 3, 2023, we will be shifting the related accrual deadlines requiring department action to the end of the next business day - Wednesday, July 5, 2023.
The previous protocols set in place and utilized for requesting PPE and COVID-19 supplies during the pandemic have been disabled as the demand for PPE has decreased.
The Parking Spot is offering a summer promotion of 25% off your parking at Parking Spot locations outside of Denver!
We've been informed by several departments that they're having trouble accessing the Apple punchout catalog using Chrome or Safari browsers.