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Buying Laboratory Equipment, Supplies, and Glassware?

When ordering Lab Equipment, Supplies, and Glassware, the Fisher Scientific punchout catalog on CU Marketplace offers competitive pricing, lower shipping costs, quick delivery, and direct account representation with Fisher Scientific Outside Representatives. The Scientific Dashboard in CU Marketplace is designed to help you navigate your purchases, and the Scientific Guided Buying page provides best practices and details on catalog offerings. Given the PSC’s current contractual agreements with Fisher Scientific, certain manufacturers, such as Eppendorf, Corning, and EMD, have been blocked for purchase from other vendor Marketplace punchout catalogs.

If you do not have access to CU Marketplace, please visit the Laboratory Equipment, Supplies, and Glassware Commodity Listing page for procurement options and procedures, supplier information, and purchasing agent information.

If you cannot locate the item you are looking to purchase in Marketplace, please contact your Fisher Scientific Outside Representative, as noted below: