After thoughtful consideration and a thorough competitive proposal process (RFP #PSC-S-1606), Dell Technologies has been awarded the University of Colorado’s contract for computer equipment and related hardware, software, services and support.
This is an informational message to the CU Community. Effective January 1, 2023, the PSC will release updated PO terms and conditions (Ts & Cs) to reduce the number of purchases that require a full contract. Based on the experience of peer institutions, CU anticipates that the new Ts & Cs will reduce the number of contracts by 20%, which will result in improved requisition processing time.
Updated language to remove "illegal alien" reference in CU contract documents and removal of Special Provisions 10 & 11.
We know contracting through the PSC is now taking longer than in the past. There are several causes for extended timelines, many of which are common among entities throughout the economy, including staffing shortages throughout the supply chain, risk evaluations, and changing attitudes among our suppliers. While we are working hard to address these constraints, it’s important to make you aware of our current cycle time estimates and how together, we can improve them.
The Procurement Service Center is excited to release the new IT Procurement Guidance tool to campus customers.