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Impacts on Purchasing due to conflict in Ukraine

To keep you apprised of product availability and price pressures, the PSC is providing the following information to guide your demand planning. 

The conflict in Ukraine presents additional strain on the world’s supply chain challenges that may impact your purchasing ability. Although the effects of the war have yet to be fully felt, we anticipate potentially significant price pressure in the following categories:

  • Microelectronics (basically anything with microchips inside)
  • Products with material amounts of the following metals
    • Palladium, platinum, nickel, iron, and copper
  • Food products including wheat and sunflower oil 

 Also, energy dependent products will see price growth. Expect the largest impacts on products that require significant amounts of energy to produce. Additionally, any products where freight costs determine the final selling price will see material price increases. 

 Our advice remains to forecast long-term demand, reduce demand, purchase ahead of need, and hold safety stock wherever possible.  

 Please consult with the PSC supply chain disruption page for more information: 

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