NextGen UI

All users must click the blue Add Expense button. A pop-up will appear containing two tabs, one for Available Expenses, the other to Create New Expense.

Available Expenses will continue to hold University card transactions. To add Available Expenses to a report, select the box on the applicable transactions, and click Add to Report. Once on the report, it can be edited as usual.

Create New Expense will hold the complete expense type listing for out-of-pocket reimbursement requests. To add the expense to a report, simply click on the expense type name.  Once on the report, it can be edited as usual.

There are some important changes to point out when editing an individual expense in the NextGen UI:

  • Required fields are now indicated by a red asterisk ( * )
  • Itemizations is a separate tab that can be completed once the initial expense information has been entered
  • Attendees, if applicable, will be a link at the top of the page
  • Allocate is a link available at the top of the of the page for allocating individual expenses to different SpeedTypes as appropriate/applicable
  • Comment, this field can now be expanded to see complete messages
  • Receipt Images can be loaded immediately within the expense and remain viewable at all times. This is helpful when itemizations are needed

Changes en masse are available in the NextGen UI from the primary expenses page. To complete en masse changes, select the applicable expenses, then click on the appropriate action.

Once all necessary information has been entered on the expense/report, including receipts, it can be saved and submitted as usual.

Note: To request airfare reassigment, go to Concur Expense: Reassigning Airfare