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Known Concur Per Diem Issue Resolved

The Concur Per Diem (Fixed Meals) issue has now been resolved. For affected itineraries on unsubmitted reports, travelers will need to edit the itinerary and make at least one change (e.g. change the arrival time from 3:22pm to 3:23pm), and re-save. At that point the correct rate should be triggered, and you will see the updated per diem amounts on the Expenses and Adjustments page.

For affected itineraries on a submitted and pending approval report, please recall the report or work with you approver to return the report to your queue. From there you can follow the steps as noted above.

If you encounter additional per diem issues, please contact the PSC Service Desk at or at 303-837-2161.

Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue.



Elizabeth Marsis

Hi - Unrelated to the per diem issue, but as I am using this new Concur format, I can no longer get a sweep view of the outstanding reports on an employee.  Only unsubmitted reports show in the main window.  If a reviewer had a question or the review is pending, I can't see that without intentionally clicking into report overview.  This makes monitoring the progress of the reports through to payment more time consuming. Can this feature be added back?

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