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PSC Tech Tips: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Marketplace Approvals

Question:  How do I become an approver in Marketplace?

  • Marketplace's two most common approval roles are Requisition Approver and Invoice Approver. Both require that you are listed as an approver on the speedtype associated with the Purchase Order AND have the appropriate role in CU Marketplace.
    Roles in CU Marketplace are obtained through an OIM form. (Some training is required). For more information about Access and Training, go here:

Question:  When do we use the voucher approval role? Don’t vouchers pay when we do receiving on the PO?

  • The voucher approval role is mainly used to approve SPO vouchers, which use voucher approval instead of receiving. The other use for this role is to route notifications of match exceptions, such as a voucher that will not pay until receiving is done on a PO.

Question: If I receive a notification of a match exception because of receiving, do I need to do receiving and approve the voucher?

  • No. In that situation, receiving is all that’s needed; once resolved, the voucher will change to ‘payable’ status.

Question: How do we change the approver for a requisition or voucher already in CU Marketplace?

  • If the requisition or voucher is still waiting for approval, the system will update the approval folder with anyone added to the speedtype and Marketplace Role. If it is assigned to someone, they can return it to the shared folder. 

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