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Price Increase for Airgas Products

Due to rising costs in several key areas, CU’s strategic partner, Airgas, will implement a price increase for products effective September 29, 2023. All strategic contracts are monitored by the University’s Strategic Procurement team in concert with our suppliers to validate the costs of doing business. Airgas has experienced labor and material increases that has led to the renegotiation of their pricing to include an overall increase of 5.5%.

With the overall increase, helium is most impacted. All helium products will be increased 5.5%, with the exception of Ultra High Purity Grade Helium Size 300 Cylinders (Airgas Part #:HE UHP300) and Industrial Grade Helium Size 300 Cylinders (Airgas Part #:HE 300). These products will have a 15% price increase.

Worldwide demand for helium continues to steadily grow, but product availability remains extremely tight. Global sourcing constraints remain in place, and Airgas continues to experience escalating cost increases from major global helium sources due to demand. As part of the global Air Liquide organization, Airgas continues to work to diversify its supply sources to strengthen the helium supply chain and support customer needs.

For additional information, please contact Alicia Braveheart with any questions.