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November 2022 Updates to CU Marketplace

This month users will find several updates to CU Marketplace. Here we will outline the changes you will see. 

Inactive Users Indicated on System Documents

With the 22.3 release, CU Marketplace has changed how inactive document owners are displayed – they now have their name displayed in italics on documents and a message on the sidebar indicates that the document owner is active.

User Impact

  • If the owner of a requisition, purchase order, receipt, or invoice is inactive, their name is displayed in italics, and (Inactive) is displayed next to the name. See screenshot:

Supplier Name Displayed on Document Header for POs and Invoices

Previously, the supplier name on purchase orders and invoices was displayed in the right sidebar and on the Summary tab, but it wasn’t visible on other tabs and elsewhere in the documents. With the 22.3 release, the supplier name has been added tothe header of purchase order and invoices so that it can be viewed from anywhere on the documents.

User Impact

  • The supplier name is now displayed in the heading of purchase orders and invoices so that it can be viewed from anywhere on the document. See screenshot:

Email Approval Links Added to Approval Reminder Emails

Approval emails contain links to the documents that need to be approved and users can click the link to approve the document. Previously, the original approval emails contained active document links, but the approval reminder emails did not, and users needed to find the original in order to approve the document from email.

In this release, document links have been added to approval email reminders, allowing users to approve documents from either the original approval email or any reminder emails that have been sent, providing all approval conditions have been met.

User Impact

  • On email approval reminders, a Take Action on this [document name] link next to the name of a document in the email directs the user to the email approval page for the document
  • This update applies to requisitions and purchase orders

New Experience View – General Updates

The user will find following updates to documents in the new experience view: 

  • Additional document-level actions have been relocated from a drop-down menu near the top left corner of a document (next to the heading), to a document action icon (***) on right.
  • The navigation icons that allow users to page through documents in the search results have been moved to the right of the toolbar.

User Impact

  • Previously in the new experience view, additional document actions were available in a drop-down menu in the top left corner of a document next to the header, and the primary document actions were displayed in the top right corner of a document.
  • In this release, the additional document actions have been moved to the top right corner of documents. This update applies to all documents in the new experience view (i.e. requisitions, purchase orders, receipts, invoices, and credit memos)

Previous location

New location

New Experience View – Forms Updates

In the former version of CU Marketplace, a "View Classic Form" toggle allowed users to switch between the new and classic views. The toggle has been removed in the 22.3 release and users will only see the new forms interface.


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