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Notice of Supplier Catalog consolidation of Marketplace Catalogs for Millipore Corp and Sigma-Aldrich Inc.

Due to Millipore Corp and Sigma-Aldrich Inc. sharing the same parent company, the PSC is consolidating these two separate catalogs into one CU Marketplace tile for ordering efficiency.

Effective April 02, 2024, please note that the Millipore Corp. CU Catalog Supplier Tile in CU Marketplace will be removed and there will only be one tile going forward with this logo: MilliporeSigma

This change will streamline your continued access to a wide range of products. Please note that specialized items which are customer configurable like iPS and water purification systems are not found in the MilliporeSigma catalog and will be purchased utilizing our non-catalog form for order processing. These exceptions require supplier quotes and your contacts for iPS and water configuration systems are listed here:

Wade Whitcomb, Lab Water Specialist; 970-214-0536

Jennifer Uurtamo – IPS (*including Biomarkers & Multiplex systems); 951-259-4189