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Known Issue: Cyber Threat Alert

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc | LinkedIn

The following domain has been identified as a look-alike for one of Thermo Fisher’s registered domains. The domain is NOT owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific and is believed to have been created with malicious intent and may be used to fraudulently engage colleagues, customers, and vendors. Details of the newly created domain are:
❑ CREATION DATE | 2023-01-20
Actions |
• Takedown actions against the domain were initiated by the Threat Management Center (TMC), however the takedown process involves external parties and can take days to complete.
• Monitoring actions were initiated against this domain by the Thermo Fisher’s Threat Management Center (TMC) leveraging our monitoring services.
Recommendations |
❑ Please monitor accounts, and any communications for use of the reported domain.
❑ Consider proactively blocking all potential emails originating from the reported domain.
❑ If observed, do not complete any requests from this domain and report immediately using the Fraud Reporting Form on
If you believe you are the victim of fraudulent activity by someone posing as an employee or partner of Thermo Fisher Scientific or any of our subsidiaries simply complete this form; once your submission is received, it will be processed and an Investigator will contact you.