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How to Buy Furniture: New Furniture Catalog

How to Buy Furniture: New Furniture Catalog

The University now has six approved furniture suppliers under contract. Departments can purchase furniture from approved suppliers  – in any dollar amount – without a bid or separate contract.

To purchase from the following new suppliers – Interior Environments, OfficeScapes, or Workplace Resource – please continue to use the non-catalog form in CU Marketplace (for the time being, until their catalogs are available).
Canter now has its punch-out catalog available in the Marketplace. Please use their catalog to purchase from them: we’ve developed a user guide for your reference. Departments are able to buy individual furniture items, or request a quote for a large project, through the Canter catalog.

For purchases from CCi and BC Interiors, please continue to use their catalogs in Marketplace.

For more information on the new furniture suppliers and their offerings, please visit the How to Buy Furniture website.

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