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FedEx Shipping Updates

If you process shipping labels for FedEx, you have recently seen a change to the portal view when logging into their system. FedEx does allow users to switch back to the legacy view for now, but we have been informed that this option will be disabled at a future undetermined date. For that reason, we want to ensure that users are familiar with how to enter the billing information (SpeedType) in the new portal layout.

When logged in to your FedEx account and viewing the outbound shipping label, users can look for the "Additional Options" on the right side of the screen (highlighted in yellow). Below that section header, click the box next to “Add References” (highlighted in green). From there, you will see a field appear for a “Shipment Reference” (highlighted in blue) where you can enter your SpeedType for billing purposes.

More information on FedEx account set-up and processing can be found on the PSC’s How to Buy Shipping page.