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Emergency Procurement Declaration Extended through September 30, 2022

From:Ed Mills, Associate Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer

Re: Procurement Declaration: Threshold Increase Extension Date: July 25, 2022

Due to ongoing supply chain disruptions, escalating prices, and the labor market affecting both suppliers and the University of Colorado, the Procurement Service Center is extending the January 21, 2022 Procurement Declaration through September 30, 2022.

Under this declaration, mandatory bid requirements for goods up to $50,000 and services up to $150,000 continue to be temporarily suspended, and continue to be exempt from the requirement of a solicitation, Sole Source Justification, or presence of an existing competed contract.

Important Notes: The threshold increase does not apply to purchases that are federally funded. The federal threshold for goods and services remains $10,000.

If a contract requires negotiation, it will still go through the standard process, including compliance reviews for IT related purchases. Increasing thresholds does not negate the contracting process.

If you have any question regarding the threshold increase, please contact the PSC by emailing 

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