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Concur Expense Type Updates

With feedback received from the campus communities, the PSC has completed a full review and clean-up of the expense types in Concur, our travel and expense management system. In this clean-up we:

  • Addressed issues with expense types in Concur mapping incorrectly to account codes in the General Ledger
  • Added some of the most commonly requested expense types (mapping to account codes of the same name/description)
  • Clarified descriptions on some of the existing expense types in the system

Many of these changes are subtle and will go almost undetected by the casual user. For those high-volume delegates and other individuals processing a large number of expense reports, the changes should make for a more intuitive experience in the system.

If you want to get a comprehensive view of the updates, please refer to the table below:

If you would like to submit suggestions for future Concur expense type reviews, please submit that feedback below:

Concur Expense Types Feedback

We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on the expense type updates in Concur!