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Coming August 21st: PSC Knowledge Base

Beginning August 21, the PSC is launching a fully searchable Knowledge Base that will house how-to articles, step-by-step guides, and additional informational resources. PSC Knowledge Base content is designed to answer specific questions, such as “How do I add a travel allowance to an expense report?” and “How do I enter receiving?”, and articles will contain helpful screenshots and videos for reference. The PSC Knowledge Base will be accessible through the PSC website, either through the Knowledge tab located at the top of PSC pages, in the Suggested Articles located at the bottom of PSC pages, or via PSC website article links which will be redirected to the Knowledge Base over the coming weeks.

Once in the PSC Knowledge base, the most efficient way to search directly for content is via the Search box, enter your question or key words there. Additionally, you can view all articles related to a specific category, such as CU Marketplace, Payments, Suppliers, Concur Expense, and Concur Travel, through the home page tiles or the Topics dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Please note that clicking on the Knowledge Base will direct visitors outside of the PSC website and into the Knowledge Base. To return to the PSC website, visitors will select Exit Knowledge at the top of the page.

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the PSC Knowledge Base? Select Contact Support on any page to submit a case directly to the PSC Service Desk. The Service Desk will be able to link or insert helpful articles into email responses, and the real-time data on article usage will be used as the foundation to inform future service offerings.