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Apple Products are available through CDW-G!

CDW-G is now CU’s Authorized Enterprise Reseller for all Apple hardware, software, and services!  All Apple products are now available through CDW-G, and all Apple purchases should be made through the CDW-G catalog within CU-Marketplace. 

Under the Catalog Suppliers in CU Marketplace, users will soon see a tile with the Apple logo and captioned as “Apple Products thru CDW-G”.  This tile will replace the current Apple catalog tile and will take you directly to an Apple-specific shopping page within the CDW-G catalog. This page has been designed to make it easier to shop for the Apple products you have always purchased, now with better pricing through CDW-G.  From this page you can still add any non-Apple products to your cart, and shop for other CDW-G items or pull up saved quotes just as you always have.

The standard CDW-G catalog tile in CU-Marketplace will remain unchanged and will direct you to the standard CDW-G home page you are used to.  That home page now has a banner and button taking you directly to the Apple-specific shopping page mentioned above.

There is no difference in the items you can purchase from either of these tiles, nor in any other aspect of your ordering experience.  Having two tiles is expected to help users still find Apple products, even if they have forgotten or did not hear about this change.

If you would like additional information on any of these exciting updates, please reach out to Brian Hutchison with any questions.