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Aging Transaction Reminder Reports from Concur – What You Need to Know

Around the 15th of every month, Concur sends automated reminders to employees with aging commercial card transactions in their Concur profile. These reminders are a courtesy intended to help employees manage the timing of expense submissions relative to the University’s accountable plan for reimbursement. If your transactions are related to a trip that is in the future, you still need to take action to prevent these reminders from escalating into warnings.

Each automated email will include a list of the applicable transactions as well as information on how to proceed based on the nature of the spend. For travel-related expenses (airfare charges, lodging deposit, etc.), the reminder emails provide information on assigning these charges to a Travel Reconciliation report in Concur prior to your trip. Those transactions will then be monitored by the system for future action according to the trip dates added to that report header. For non-travel related expenses, these emails will serve as your reminder to submit within the 90 days allowed for business expense substantiation.

For more information on the requirements for substantiating business expenses, please refer to the Finance Procedural Statement for Business Expense Substantiation & Tax Implications on the OUC website.