Departments with sponsored project activity: check out the new Cognos Reporting System folder, Finance > Project Reports. And in particular, check out the newest addition to that folder, m-Fin PROJECT FINANCIAL STATUS. This report is getting great reviews from faculty and staff who love its project-only focus and comprehensive scope. It’s similar to the popular m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY but was designed (and runs) exclusively for projects. 
CPAs and professional development-seekers: go for it! Registration is now open for 2 days of continuing professional education at 1800 Grant Street. On Tue Feb 18, we present a series of 4 NEW courses: External Audits; State of a CPA Nation; Month-End Financial Close (this course is already on wait-list, email to get on the list); and Paperless Financial Reconciliation. On Thu Feb 20, we repeat 2 old favorites: Understanding and Preparing the Statement of Cash Flows, and Understanding Internal Controls.
Our CPE Program Manager Lisa Vallad recently completed her review and analysis of the OUC’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses during the 2nd quarter of FY 2014. During three days in November-December, we offered 11 courses at the 1800 Grant Street location. Typically, we have about 50 individual attendees on each day of CPE.
We had a terrific response to our Dec 5 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) course schedule. Most of the courses offered that day filled to capacity. After a few cancellations due to weather, we were able to accommodate additional individuals on the wait lists. We'll provide a recap of participant evaluations shortly. In the meantime, feel free to review next quarter's CPE. Our Feb 18 courses are all new and are described on the CPE website at
The OUC offered several Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses during mid-November. We'll provide analytics on the November activities later this month but in the meantime, we still have one day of CPE left this quarter. Registration is open for most of the courses scheduled for Thursday, December 5:
The University’s external auditor, CliftonLarsonAllen, is completing the final stages of review and the audit exit conference is scheduled for mid-November. Want to learn more about auditing? The OUC is offering a CPE course on Tue, Feb 18. It's called External Audits: Why are These People Here and When are They Going to Leave? Check out the course description at:
We offered 10 courses over three days in September as part of the OUC's Continuing Professional Education for Certified Public Accountants (CPE for CPAs). Participants agreed that it was one of the CPE Program's best quarters yet, giving an overall 99% rating for instructor effectiveness and course value.
During the OUC Town Hall sessions on the campuses, we showed a looping slide show of Office of University Controller facts and figures. The slide show was titled, "OUC by the Numbers" and after the town halls, we received some requests to replay some of the numbers for you on this blog. So following is an excerpt ... a select number of the Numbers: 10,170,471 - journal lines created in FY 2013 45,207 - active SpeedTypes 2,020 - PeopleSoft Finance System users 263 - learning resources available online for fiscal systems and policies
The Office of University Controller's CPE for CPAs Program has opened registration for three days of courses in the second quarter of FY 2014. If you're a CPA looking for continuing professional education to maintain your license ... or if you're not a CPA but you're looking for convenient, relevant professional development opportunities ... check out the great variety of course topics, below: Mon, Nov 11 - Cash Controls; Analyzing and Interpreting Financial Statements Thu, Nov 14 - Effective Writing; Securing Mobile Devices; Emotional Intelligence
Several Office of University Controller staff spent a day in Boulder on Oct 9 as part of the fall campus town halls.