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Keeping up with Cognos

The Cognos Reporting System is a fast-moving financial reporting tool. How do you keep up with OUC staff members Carl Sorenson and Sarju Khadka ... and their continuous Cognos improvements (enhancements to existing reports and development of new reports)? A great way to do this is to read Carl's blog. You can receive regular reporting updates via email. You can review blog postings to date by category, thereby catching up on tips and tricks, reports under development, reports migrated to production, and so forth. You can even test reports yourself (using the QA reporting environment) and share your feedback with Carl, Sarju, and report users across CU. All the info is available at   Another great way to stay current on Cognos is to sign up for a course in our Continuing Professional Education Program (CPE for CPAs). We're offering several courses in April -- on payroll reports, grants and contracts, calculating your bottom line, and using the QA testing/development environment. To review the course schedule, and register, see

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