Our webinar will help you get ready for FIN's new tile-based user interface.
Find the information you need using two key systems: CU Marketplace, and CU-Data.
Let's tackle financial reports, one at a time -- you can do this!
Learn how to perform essential financial tasks ... and make sure you're ready for fiscal year.end.
We’re offering two NEW classes at 1800 Grant St, Denver, this month!
Fall into some good habits this fall with free professional development -- on your campus, from your desktop.
We've shared a lot, and learned a lot, at three OUC Town Halls this month. Looking forward to two more events!
An OUC Town Hall is a great way to get together to share plans and priorities ... ours and yours!
Are you completing these essential month-end tasks? If you missed the live webinar earlier this year, you can catch up now with the recording.
Are you dreading fiscal year-end? Get the information you need to feel prepared!