Take charge of your performance through our continuing professional education courses at Grant Street on October 20.
We'll be bringing OUC Town Halls to all campuses during the week of September 26-30, 2016. We look forward to seeing you!
You asked for annual OUC Town Halls – and we’re getting ready to get on the road for this year's events! A posting from earlier today included the wrong links for registration. This time, we have included the correct registration links. Sorry for the confusion!
This week, we have great news on two different learning fronts: CPE via live webinars, and a consolidated approach to finance and procurement training!
The CU CPE program will be offering its first ever facilitated webinar.
Want to work better? Want your department to work better? Check out our April 19 CPE offerings at Grant St.
Our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program is coming to your campus -- and to the System Office -- this month.
Craving professional development? You can pick up some new skills by picking from nine CPE courses this month.
Chances are, there's something you'd like to learn at our next CPE day this month.
Get a great start to the new academic year with our five Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses on Sept 23.