Time is on your side ... at least for today. There's still time to submit your accomplishments to the CU Innovation & Efficiency (CU I&E) Awards Program!
February close concluded smoothly.
The OUC created the Illustrated Guide to the Annual Financial Report in order to present the Report's data in easy-to-understand language and charts.
February campus close will be Tuesday, March 22, with System close immediately following on Wednesday, March 23. Your February m-Fin reports will be ready to review by Thursday, March 24.
We're hearing some great success stories through the CU Innovation & Efficiency (CU I&E) Awards Program. Do you have one to share?
The University and Campus Controllers meet on March 21 to discuss various topics.
Reminder: January System Close is today, March 11
At this year's premier gathering of higher education PeopleSoft users, the OUC's Ryan Day highlighted CU ingenuity.
In keeping with the OUC Finance & Procurement Business Services unit's focus on technology and business process, FPBS Director Normandy Roden discussed how to improve work through innovative tools at two recent national conferences.
Campus close for January 2016 is scheduled for Thursday, March 10. System close will be Friday, March 11.