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Illustrated Guide puts Annual Financial Report in plain English

The OUC created the Illustrated Guide to the Annual Financial Report in order to present the Report's data in easy-to-understand language and charts.

As indicated by its header ("CU Financials Explained"), the Illustrated Guide is one example of the OUC's commitment to fiscal transparency and education. We want to make it easy for interested individuals to understand the University's financial position. So we explain, in plain English and using straightforward charts and interactions, where CU holds its resources, what the claims against those resources are, and what's left over in the end. 

And -- along with our (NACUBO award-winning) Annual Financial Report -- the Illustrated Guide also presents an example of the OUC's commitment to innovation.

We hope you'll take a look at this year's Illustrated Guide ... and share it with colleagues who share your interest in CU.

Like to learn more about how the OUC fosters innovation and creates efficiency? Check out our short video, OUC Metrics Report for FY 15.

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