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The following items were discussed at the last Controllers' meeting:
  1. CUSP
  2. Gift Fund Training
  3. Final revisions of APSs
    1. Propriety of Expenses
    2. License and Certification Fees, Memberships, or Dues
    3. Officer Disclosure of Interests
    4. Sponsored Project Revenues
  4. Update
    1. OUC Town Hall Wrap-Up
    2. PSC Procedural Statement Sensitive Expenses
    3. Revenue Definition and Recognition documents
  5. CUF balances reported in Cognos
  6. Discuss ODB access to CIW GL from MS Access
Feedback continues to be very positive for the OUC Town Hall events this fall. To date, we’ve had excellent questions and suggestions from approximately 300 participants at four locales: Downtown Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Grant St (System).
The OUC continues its highly acclaimed CPE for CPAs with two days of courses during the month of November 2012. The letters translate to “Continuing Professional Education for Certified Public Accountants,” but you should note two important facts about our program:
  1. You may be able to use our CPE to support audit or other certifications, in addition to using it to maintain a CPA license; and,
  2. You can participate whether you are a CPA or not. This no-cost professional development is open to all CU employees!
The CU Shared Practices (CUSP) Program recognizes and rewards innovative work by your colleagues across the University.
A cost transfer is a transfer of expense to and/or from a sponsored project by means of a journal entry (JE) in the PeopleSoft Finance System. Internal Audit recently conducted an audit at one of the campuses to ensure that cost transfers comply with all applicable requirements. Following is a synopsis of the audit findings and recommendations.

1 - Inadequate JE descriptions

The auditors could not determine, based on JE descriptions/supporting documentation, why the transfer was necessary and if it benefited the sponsored project receiving the expense.