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CPE for CPAs

The OUC continues its highly acclaimed CPE for CPAs with two days of courses during the month of November 2012. The letters translate to “Continuing Professional Education for Certified Public Accountants,” but you should note two important facts about our program:
  1. You may be able to use our CPE to support audit or other certifications, in addition to using it to maintain a CPA license; and,
  2. You can participate whether you are a CPA or not. This no-cost professional development is open to all CU employees!
Each quarter, we schedule one day of new course offerings and one day of repeated courses that were popular in previous quarters. We have only a few spaces left on Nov 14 (the “new” day). Any final registrations must be completed by Nov 9:
  • Cognos – Financial Statement Reading, Reconciliation, and Forecasting
  • Quality Assurance in CU’s Reporting Initiative
  • Time Management
We are not yet at capacity for Nov 27 (the “repeat” day). Registrations must be completed by Nov 21 for these classes:
  • Banking and Payments
  • Topics in Effective Writing
For more information, visit the CPE Program website.

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