Finance System users: Here are two ways to learn about the FIN 9.2 Menu Search feature.
Get a great start to the the new academic year with our five Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses on Sept 23.
Finance System users: Here’s a preview of the FIN 9.2 Attachments feature!
The OUC would like to share with you a brief recap of what we did in FY 2015. We invite you to view our new online Metrics Report.
Good news for Finance System users: Your FIN 9.2 general user training is being developed by a nationally recognized trainer.
The count-down clock on the Elevate-FIN website tells us we're getting closer to our go-live date. So: what can you expect with the new Finance System in November?
Finance System users: You can register now for FIN 9.2 training sessions this fall!
The University and Campus Controllers meet on June 15 to discuss several topics.
If you use the Finance System to look up SpeedTypes... or process journal entries... or manage capital assets... or accomplish any number of other financial activities: November 2015 is an important month for you. That’s when we make the move to FIN 9.2.
On Friday, June 12, the 2015 CU Shared Practices (CUSP) award winners were announced at the Grant Street CUSP Exposition.